Dell: Small Business

How do you escape a business owner's mail sort? Give them something intriguing to read. Like information they can relate to; entrepreneurs with interesting success stories and tips for running their companies smarter. Offer up cool technology that saves them time. And deliver expert advice. The reimagined catalog reads like a magazine and works like a sales pitch to get small businesses to trust Dell as their vendor. The catalog-magazine hybrid hit the mark lifting performance 16% and purchase intent 13%.

As a creative team, we interview entrepreneurs who use Dell technology for their business, we plan and execute a photoshoot and weave their story throughout each catalog design and in emails and social content for Dell Small Business.

Art Director: Allison Hembd | Copywriter: Sharon Turnbull | Creative Director: Allison Cannon | Chief Creative Officer: Steve Miller

© Copyright 2018 Allison Hembd.
Photo source: Getty Images
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